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Graduates from our programs learn intercultural awareness, development skills, and gain expert knowledge on the regions they are working in. One World Center’s unique ethos equips students with the necessary skills, knowledge and perspective to go on and make a real impact in whatever they decide to do next.

Some of our graduates leave to pursue careers directly related to development, while others have made use of the training for involvement in analyzing and solving many of the problems that contemporary societies now face.

Our graduates have gone on to work for a range of organizations including:

  • Humana People to People


  • Doctors Without Borders

  • Development Bank of Latin America

A Participant’s Perspective

JOHAN LOPEZ Climate Finance Consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank
“The One World Center program not only taught me to push my limits when it comes to divergent thinking but also helped me to see the world through a different lens. Spending time with local communities in Sub-Saharan Africa gave me a unique skill set that I have been using in both my personal and professional life. I highly encourage people to participate in this kind of program with humbleness and eagerness to learn from others.”
NIKKI WITTSenior Development Instructor
“OWC continues to remind me that I have a responsibility to the world and to myself. Because of this program, I’ve seen and experienced the world in a way that most people simply do not. I know that I have to keep going and pushing myself so that I can also help push the world forward in to a more sustainable and brighter future.”
DIANA LEAVITTCollege Student
“I joined One World Center at the age of 18. This program gave me the opportunity to develop myself. People who knew me before and after going through the program have told me I have matured a lot. I have learned to remain calm, be adaptable, be resourceful and take opportunities as they come. Mentoring the vulnerable kids and orphans living at Children’s Town in Zambia was something I will cherish forever. I am so grateful for the relationships I formed over six months I was living there. Living in Africa gave me a completely different perspective. I am determined to achieve whatever I set my mind to as I start the next stage of my life.”
RICARDO ROSADO Institutional Development Coordinator at NGO in Brazil
“The OWC program was a process of personal improvement that led me to be who I am today. OWC gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world with common dreams and ideas, and such immersion helped me act as a volunteer in Zambia, where the culture is so different from mine.”
CHRIS PHILLIPSEducation Therapist at the Centre for Neuro Skills
“Through OWC’s program I learned how important it is to work collectively, to develop communication skills and to think outside the box when planning and problem solving in difficult situations”
ALEX DOLZANPublic Management of NGO
“Through OWC’s program I learned how to live in community, sharing and leading people from other cultures. The training taught me a lot about myself, and the experience in Africa showed me how we can be happy with so little and how important is to love each other no matter how. The follow up period was also important to share and show others how much you grow during the program”

“I learned how to lead a team, to organize a women’s club, to fundraise, to live in a community and to solve conflicts by being emphatic and good in communicating.”

Kari Smith

“One World Center opened me the doors to a network of worldwide humanitarians.”

Lina Maria Cabrera

“The investigations and practical activities were very important to develop useful skills I use today as a Firefighter.”

Allysson Lopes

“Through this program I learned to develop a project and to make plans in a collective environment. This has been very useful to further my career as an independent movie maker.”

Mauricio Rodrigues

“I will never forget the time that I spent in Africa and the frinds that I made while in US.”

Bruno Marcorio

“I joined OWC because this wasn’t just a two week trip but an actual long term experience creating sustainable development and working in a team.”

Mari Morse

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