One World Center

One World Center is a place where like-minded people come together and take action toward a sustainable future. Guiding the way for community-driven mobilization, we work to empower those in need. With your help, we will educate others about viable solutions to their economic and social hardships.

Acknowledging the needs of our time, we focus our efforts on making impactful changes on the ever-growing issue of climate change. Through education and discussion about current events, we encourage your self-growth and understanding of how to evaluate and take steps toward long-lasting change.

Driven by a dream to help the devastating number of impoverished people, we seek their perspective, knowing that the first step toward sustainable change is working together. Through hands-on experience, we learn about sustainable gardening practices, how to mobilize ourselves and the communities we work with, as well as the ability to see the needs of many and take actionable steps toward resolution.

Side-by-side we will create a future filled with growth opportunities. Our sustainable impact will be known. We will empower our vision of equality and our purpose to lead the way to a better future for everyone.

We are a non-profit research organization with a mission to inspire and empower ordinary people to take action against worldwide poverty and climate change. We address the issues of our time with unique teaching and learning environments that cultivate social change and support our global vision: a sustainable future.