My name is Ryan Muldoon from Arlington, Texas and I am part of the August 2016 Team. It has always been my dream to become a humanitarian and to make my mark in the world by fighting poverty and making a positive impact on humanity as a whole. One World Center has not disappointed me.

I attended three different Universities before beginning the program here at One World Center. None of them could compare to the amazingly fresh and innovative pedagogy that is ingrained in the curriculum here. We truly get to organize our entire curriculum by planning our own courses at our own pace and learning the subject matter that we are interested in at the time.

Let me give you an example of this in action.  I might have worked in the garden for one of our amazing Gaia action weekends and become very curious of how farming works in Africa or other countries. I decide that I want to learn how communities overseas organize their gardens and their economy around farming. I can simply decide to read about farming in our DMM program and schedule a time for my teacher to do an entire course on that subject. The most impressive thing to me is the fact that after I learn about farming and practice it here at One World Center, I have the opportunity to actually put it into practice in my project in Africa.  In my other college experiences, we would never have the opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge we gained into actual practice unless we got a job in the field in which the subject matter of the class was implemented.

At One World Center, we get to learn to truly work as a team in our academic and normal lives. We live in a community. We cook, clean, and have fun together as a community.  In my past experiences, we simply would take classes in the same building and be on our own at all other times of the day. Here we have more input in the actual learning experience. We get to be completely involved in the courses we take and give more than one point of view on a subject matter. In my conventional education experience, we would normally just receive a lecture and PowerPoint presentation each day. The only real inclusiveness for the student would be to take notes and maybe ask one question at the end of the lecture. I truly believe One World Center to be a role model for the future of the education system throughout the world.

I believe it to be the absolute perfect place for me to grow as a human being and to learn more about myself and the world we live in. Additionally, this place is giving me the opportunity to realize my dream of making my mark on the world and improving the lives of people living in immense poverty worldwide.

Written by: Ryan Muldoon – August 2016 Team