One World Center Clothes Collection participated in the Michigan Recycling Conference in East Lansing in May 2017. The conference is held every year and we have participated for the last 5 years. This year, we had the opportunity to talk to a number of good people who are championing reuse and recycling in the state of Michigan. It is always great to cultivate relationships and find new partners within the recycling community of our state.

During the conference, there were workshops and speeches from private companies and state officials regarding recycling, reuse and how to get more people involved! One thing we learned is that the state of Michigan needs to do better. The current recycling rate in the state is 20% and is the lowest in the Great Lakes region even though Michigan has a bottle deposit law. Michigan’s average recycle rate is a little more than half of the national average of 34.6%.

Additionally, we learned that the city of Detroit, even with its limited resources, has managed to go from no organized recycling to being at 20% over the last 2 years. This has happened through mass mobilization of volunteers literally going door to door! This clearly shows that people’s involvement on a grassroots level is the key.

We say “Let’s move forward with recycling and reuse in Michigan!”

At One World Center, we have diverted over 1.86 million pounds of clothes and shoes from landfills through our blue clothes collection bins! These clothes and shoes get a second life supporting people all over the world. We thank Michigan Recycling Coalition for putting on the event and working so tirelessly to improve the recycling rate in Michigan.