Qualities That Make A Good Development Instructor:

  1. Be an open-minded person
  2. Be able to adapt to the environment
  3. Know how to work on a team
  4. Be able to transmit happiness and good vibes to others
  5. Have good communication skills
  6. Have initiative to do things
  7. Be able to always work on what is needed
  8. Have good relations with people
  9. Be patient
  10. Always be willing to help
  11. Be a charismatic person
  12. Have a sense of humor
  13. Be a trusting person
  14. Know how to listen
  15. Be responsible toward the environment

    Development Instructors making a practice firewood saving stove before they go to Africa.

A Development Instructor’s energy and outside ideas are very important for the projects that we work at. We go to be a part of their community and exchange ideas with them as we are also there to learn and not just teach. The work that we do there together with the community is important for development as is the love that we can give and share with the people around us. People will always appreciate the attention and the time together with you.

An outside point of view of the project is very important to Humana People to People. They appreciate all the new ideas that we can bring and propose to them. Just remember to not impose anything. The cultural exchange is also important for the DI and the native people of the country we are visiting. People ask about your culture, the country, food, capitals, places, languages, and other things that we also ask them. It is mutual learning and development of both sides.

Based on my experience, try to be a charismatic person, friendly with the people surrounding you, work with them, always ask to do things and propose ideas, be a team with them, and have a sense of humor. These things help to make your field experience unforgettable in the best way.

Written by: Javier Camacho Valerio  – May 2016 Team