6-Month Program

Our 6-Month Program focuses on the grassroots community work needed here in the United States to build sustainable communities for future generations.

This program aims to train people who want to work together with impoverished communities in the USA to create positive change. Additionally, this program strives to address inequality and injustice by working together with organizations and people in Michigan and surrounding Midwest states.

Program Structure

Learn more about the three periods of the program in the tabs below:

2 Months – USA

The first part is the training period based at our Michigan campus. You and your team will learn the practical skills needed for the project work in communities along with a theoretical training to enhance your knowledge base. It is important that you understand poverty but specifically the nature of poverty in the USA.

3 Months – Project Work

Once participants are equipped with all the knowledge needed, they will embark on the next stage of the journey. Participants will be placed in projects around the Midwest to support local community development projects. You will learn hands-on to be the multi-faceted community development worker that is so desperately needed to support growth and sustainability.

1 Month – USA

The participants will return to the Michigan campus to digest their experiences. This final stage of the cycle allows students to share their findings and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the work in the field. This allows for the continual improvement of the program; whilst ensures students gain a thorough understanding of development projects and their impact. This phase also helps participants prepare for their next steps in their careers.

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What You Will Learn

Learn about the situation of poor people around the world and in the USA, their fight for a decent livelihood and the obstacles they face. This topic also touches on why there are still people living in poverty in the world today, social movements and possible solutions. Additionally, this topic will cover the culture of non-profits in the USA, raising funds, details of the projects where we work and standing in solidarity with human kind.

Learn some of the big issues in the world today, such as: inequality, war, wealth distribution, global health, and specific issues within the USA.

Learn about science, global warming and climate change, sustainable energy, food security, organic farming, and how technologies can support positive community change.

Learn a practical approach to the importance of being productive. Gain an understanding that, most often, it is humble work is what matters most and that being a community leader is doing whatever work is necessary. It is about planning, implementing, using our hands, and learning new practical skills.

Learn about healthy lifestyles, building physical and mental stamina, creating an understanding of a sustainable world and the power of community. Additionally, learn about the health crisis in the USA and and why viruses such as HIV and COVID-19 appear in humans.

Learn about creating a message of importance. Gain experience and knowledge about using different tools and art forms to bring your message to many people. Additionally, enhance your speech writing skills and confidence in public speaking.

Learn that what we do today as individuals and societies is built on what others did before us. The concept of Open Future is built on the understanding that there is no “end goal” and “isms” and that people in the present create the future by their choice and actions, as will the future generations.

10 Things You Will Gain
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world we live in, with specific emphasis on the USA.

  • Learn different perspectives about the USA and different takes on why we are where we are today.

  • Experience working with different communities in the USA and an understanding of the power of diversity in our society.

  • Experience with non-profit organizations and their work in the USA.

  • Knowledge about sustainable living and growing food organically.

  • Practice and develop leadership skills.

  • Train your public speaking skills.

  • Build stamina and the ability to do whatever it takes to reach goals.

  • Realize your power and become the driving force in your life.

  • Come together with like-minded people and build your teamwork capabilities.

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