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Bike For Change – 9 months

This program invites people from all walks of life to join forces and travel together to explore the causes and consequences of Climate Change, while collecting and sharing information and stories about its effects on people and the planet.

The Program Structure

Introductory Period

Participants receive fundraising training and develop a fundraising plan. Participants are also given essential learning materials on Climate Change and Central America. All funds raised go to the One World One Chance project.

3 Months – USA

The second part of the course is based at our Michigan campus. Participants will join the One World Center community and begin training with their fellow teammates. Training includes investigations into Climate Change and reaching out to different groups and communities. Teams will also choose partners and prepare route plans for their impending journeys.

4 Months Traveling

The team will set off to bike through Central America. Along the way them members will visit social and environmental projects and groups; communities at the forefront of the effects of changing climates and other key stakeholders. They will learn about their struggles and visions, exchange knowledge and form partnerships.

The journey will allow participants to conduct significant research on climate change; gathering interviews; attending events; capturing landscapes and speaking with experts. On completion participants write up their findings and produce a report. This contributes to the One World Center’s One World One Chance Project.

2 Months – USA

Teammates conclude their research and present findings to partners and other communities. Teams will work to promote their materials and research to a wider audience to help mobilize others to take action against Climate Change. Teams will also host an event on campus.

Quick Facts

Term: 9 Months

Starting Dates: September 2018

Certificates: 2

Enrollment Fee: $500

Tuition Fee: $2,500* (Full Scholarships Available for Teams starting in 2018!)

Fundraising: $4,400

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What Are My Benefits?

Bike for Change will open many possibilities for you. Look at it as a unique opportunity to build your personality, your capacity as a humanitarian and broaden your outlook through international travel. You will develop yourself physically and intellectually, becoming a knowledgable activist ready to face the challenges of the present and the future.

You will receive a personalized fundraising training and the opportunity to earn a fundraising certification from One World Center to add to your resume. To learn more about how the fundraising and the training work, check out these resources or request more information.

How Do I Apply?

First, submit an initial application using our online form. You will be invited to attend one of our introductory meetings online or over the phone, where you will learn more about the program requirements, as well as the work and research of One World Center.

During this meeting we will also talk about fundraising to set you up with the tools you need to start right away!

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Introducing the One World One Chance Project!

One World Center is launching a research project to address climate change. We have named it One World One Chance to emphasize that we have only one opportunity to take action. The name also calls for unity, promoting that only by coming together as one will we overcome the challenges of the present reality. The project aims to research the causes and consequences of climate change, publish all findings and build strong connections to support collaboration across the globe. The project will operate through our Bike for Change program, which invites groups of climate enthusiast to bike together to Central America to conduct research and connect with people, communities and organizations.

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