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Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder With The Poor

This program is a comprehensive study of global poverty. You will learn about the conditions of the billions of people living in poverty and how it affects their health, education, freedom, economic opportunity and even their very survival.

At our campus, you will join teams of humanitarians from around the world to live in a communal environment where everyone works together to live, learn and serve the Poor.

The Program Structure

Period One – 6 months in USA

You will meet your teammates, teachers and acclimate to the communal campus life. Your studies begin with understanding what is happening in the world, the history of poverty, the potentials of humanity and what the future holds.
You will begin studies, learning assignments and set out to conduct investigations. Your team also begins fundraising to cover the part of your program expenses (including the costs of your travel to Africa or Brazil). You will learn how to empower the Poor and begin to train to become a Development Instructor.

Period Two – 6 months in Africa or Brazil

You and your teammates set off to live for six months in Mozambique, Malawi or Brazil. Our partner, Humana People to People, will be waiting for you. You may find yourself working in a project site focused on Education, Health or Agriculture.
Our partner has a long history of running projects around the world and they will provide you with leadership and guidelines. In turn, as a Development Instructor, you will work together with the community toward sustainable solutions for their lives. You will be applying all that you learned.

Period Three – 6 months back in USA

After your service period, your team heads back to campus. We call this the Journal Period. You will want to reflect on all that you have experienced and take the time to integrate your service into your new worldview. You will finish you studies for the certifications and create a final project to share with others. You may wish to create a film, magazine, website, radio podcast, speaking tour, poetry or any other form of creative sharing the situation of the Poor with the world.
In addition, you will take the time to determine how the program will affect your own future as a humanitarian.

As a participant of our 18 month program you will have the opportunity to enroll as a distance learner at One World University and earn academic credits

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Quick Facts

Term: 18 Months

Starting Dates: February, May, August and November

Certificates: 3 (OWC, Humana People to People and 62 credits from One World University)

Enrollment Fee: $500

Tuition Fee: $4,900

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What Are My Benefits?

This program will equip you with the necessary toolbox to have a fruitful career, build a great resume and launch your path as a humanitarian. You will earn a OWC Development Instructor Certification; and you will have the option to enroll as a distantance learner in One World University in Mozambique and earn 62 credits for all your studies.

Additionally, our partner Humana People to People will award you a service certificate after you complete your work in Africa or Brazil.

How Do I Apply?

First, submit an initial application using our online form. You will be invited to attend one of our introductory meetings online or over the phone, where you will learn more about the program requirements, as well as the work that One World Center and its partners are doing worldwide.

Before finalizing your enrollment to the program, you will need to have a couple of one-on-one meetings with a One World Center enrollment advisor to get all your questions answer and obstacles solved.

To learn more, check out our online brochure or contact to us to get a printed copy in the mail.

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