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One World One Chance

A Climate Change Project

The One World One Chance Project addresses climate change. Why? Because at One World Center, we acknowledge that climate change is real and we have to take action. Scientific data shows that human activity has impacted the environment in unprecedented ways causing the Earth’s systems to lose balance and affects the lives of many people and species around the planet. The predictions are alarming. Some known consequences are droughts, heavy rains, soil depletion, desertification, heavier and shorter winters, water systems collapsing, species dying, and life getting tougher for people—especially the Poor.

We must join forces and support the efforts to mitigate the consequences of climate change and to adapt quickly to the changes. There is a big need of informing the public about the effects of global warming, the climate reality and how people are dealing with them. As a research non-profit organization, One World Center has furthered our mission to take action against both poverty and climate change while offering ordinary people the opportunity of joining a movement to build awareness and implement actions while facing the challenges collectively.

The goal of the One World One Chance Project  is to document the causes and consequences of climate change and people’s strategies to mitigate and adapt to the new environment along with publishing all our findings to provide the public with reliable information and first hand stories. Launching this project is part of our overall sustainability plan, which is designed based on the United Nations definition of sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the abilities of future generations to meet their own needs.”

The project operates through One World Center’s program Bike For Change which invites people to take on the journey of investigating how climate change is affecting people in Central America, an area that is geographically affected with many environmental disasters and changes. Participants will visit cities and villages to talk to people from all walks of life about how the changing climate has influenced their lives. We will document testimonies, collect data and give a hand to support the efforts to adapt to their new situation. Our findings will be published via websites, blogs, podcasts, live streaming TV, social media, printed media, theater, exhibitions and more.

However, it does not ends there! The teams will have the task of inviting a group in the United States such a High School class, a College Club, a non-profit organization, a local 350.org group, etc. to become their sponsors and partners. The group will follow the journey of the teams, ask questions to the people, debate the findings and spread the word. Back in the US, the cyclists will organize an event with their groups to strengthen the connection between North and South and build stronger communities.

We promote using biking as our primary mode of transportation for two main reasons: (1) to underline the need for alternative energy in our already warmer planet; and (2) to place the program participants right in the middle of nature and people where there is so much that can be studied, admired and recorded.

Do you want to join our project?

Awesome! First, submit an initial application using our online form. You will be invited to attend one of our introductory meetings online or over the phone, where you will learn more about the program requirements, as well as the work that One World Center and its partners are doing worldwide.

The first team will start in September 2017!

Before finalizing your enrollment to the program, you will need to have a couple of one-on-one meetings with a One World Center enrollment advisor to get all your questions answer and obstacles solved.

To learn more, click here or contact to us to get a printed package in the mail with more information.

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