Humana People to People’s Health Projects

Those living in poverty will always fight harder to keep good health. They struggle with insufficient diet along with a lack of health clinics, clean water, and sanitary facilities. As a result, they are more susceptible to the spread of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Humana People to People’s approach to the battle for health is to activate the forces and capacities in the communities by mobilizing people to unite and take matters into own hands. Despite limited resources, a lot can be achieved on a community level. At their projects, Humana builds latrines, promotes the use of mosquito nets and other malaria preventing methods, installs water pumps, introduces water catchment and water purification, teaches healthy cooking recipes, and introduces the beneficial properties from moringa trees.

In the countries where Humana People to People works, the HIV/AIDS epidemic has taken a toll on the population. While there are still no cures for HIV and the virus is fatal, it is preventable and must be stopped from spreading. This is where Humana’s Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE) program steps in.

TCE is a community mobilization program based on the understanding that only people can liberate themselves from the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The program raises awareness about HIV, mobilizes people to change behavior, and organizes communities to take care of each other within their villages. Some elements of the TCE program are: introducing healthier diets; operating soy restaurants; serving of free meals to orphans and HIV positive individuals; establishing herbs gardens; HIV testing; establishing support groups; educating the youth; distributing condoms; and encouraging people to use the health clinics.