Humana People to People’s Education Projects

Obtaining an education is the foundation for improving lives, and educating the new generation is imperative for development at large. That is why Humana People to People is making education a high priority.

With 53 teacher training colleges in several African countries and in India, Humana is setting new standards for primary school teaching. Teachers are equipped with skills, tools and motivation for teaching in the most undeveloped and rural regions in their countries. The training emphasizes the importance of being in the forefront of the development in the villages, which makes the students in the teacher training programs a combination of motivated teachers and energized community leaders.

Humana’s project Food for Knowledge promotes primary school education with the understanding that children cannot learn on an empty stomach. Serving nutritious food in the primary schools is fundamental for the children to learn and prosper. The program provides special training to the teachers, teaching materials and builds sanitation infrastructure (i.e. access to clean water, latrines, and hand washing). The school children are provided one soy meal a day and trained on how to grow healthy vegetables.

Humana operates in a number of education areas where they are encouraging and supporting: pre-school education; primary school education; academies for working children; vocational schools; project leader training; teacher training colleges, and more. Humana also operates One World University, which is situated outside Maputo in Mozambique.