Humana People to People’s Agriculture Projects

Fourteen percent of the world’s population does not have enough food to eat, and 80% of them live of what they can produce from their small-scale farms of less than 2 hectares (4.9 acres). It is of great importance for these farmers to come together to create the surplus needed for changing their living conditions. Humana People to People’s Farmers Club projects is doing just that.

In Farmers Clubs, the farmers organize into units where they come together and learn new farming techniques such as: how to secure water; introduction to new crops; and marketing their products to sell for better prices. Each club has a demonstration field where the farmers, together with the project leaders, introduce new methods and find solutions to obstacles met in the fields. These methods can then be implemented in each farmer’s own fields and be further tested to promote better results. As a result of this project, the yields are doubling, the economy improving and the farmers’ families live healthier lives.

Farmers Club can be seen as a community development project that addresses some of the most basic needs in the communities and families. These projects also address other issues such as health and sanitation, good nutrition, getting the children to school, caring for the vulnerable in their communities, and indirectly supporting gender equality as the majority of farmers are women.