Global warming and climate change are the biggest challenges we face in the current times. They are reminders of why we need to continue and strengthen our fight shoulder to shoulder with the Poor, and grow our movement by involving more and more people willing to create a better world. One element of this fight is Global Warming Advocacy.

What is Global Warming Advocacy?

You can look at it as a three-step process:

  1. Spreading knowledge about global warming. What is it and why is it happening? Many people do not have the basic knowledge and therefore do not understand why and how we can take action.
  2. Advocating for understanding global warming. What are the effects of it on the planet, the land, the water, the people, the climate, the animals, etc.? What specifically causes these effects and what are the consequences? Understanding comes through investigation, research, observation and experimentation. We must advocate for understanding the nature of the matter and the cause and effect.
  3. Setting examples into practice of how to mitigate and adapt to the many changes. We combine our knowledge and understanding to create new practices and then advocate for all these many examples to become a lifestyle.

Why is Global Warming Advocacy Important?

Global warming is so big of an issue that none of us can stay passive. Everyone must become an advocate for change. We do not need to be experts or have a multimillion dollar example to show. The solutions to fighting global warming and climate change are made up of the thousands of actions people take in their daily lives. We have examples all over the planet but they seldom make it into the headlines. We must all be part of changing that.

At One World Center, we have a started a project called One World One Chance where participants of our programs will bike through Central America and investigate how global warming and climate change are affecting the lives of people and how they cope with the consequences. The participants will return to the USA with documentation and stories to spread awareness and reliable knowledge about the climate and social realities. We want to encourage people to take action and one step at a time, create a network of global warming advocates.

Written by: Jytte Martinussen, One World Center’s Program Development Advisor