Farm Share Membership

Become a part of the One World Center Garden Farm as a member and help support One World Center’s Sustainable Food Initiative. Get hands-on experience, fresh produce, and opportunities to improve your knowledge about growing organic produce.

One World Center is offering Farm Share Memberships for people who want to commit to volunteering weekly in the Garden Farm. For just two and half hours of your time per week, you will be rewarded with One World Center Farm Dollars which are redeemable for plants and fresh produce from the Garden Farm, participation in classes from One World Center’s Organic Farmer, and a ticket for our quarterly Farm to Table Dinner events.

Farm Share Membership Benefits

  • Get hands-on experience growing vegetables organically from an organic farmer

  • Become part of a community of like-minded people who are interested in growing food in sustainable ways

  • Learn by doing in the garden about: composting, caring for plants, intercropping, weed control, harvesting and what are good and bad bugs in the garden.

  • Earn One World Center Farm Dollars which are redeemable for garden plants, fresh produce, garden classes and tickets for our quarterly Farm to Table dinners

  • Make a difference by helping to establish various ways to grow healthy food sustainably in our communities and backyards to provide food security in Michigan.