At One World Center, we have always been passionate about staying healthy, growing our own food, and being an example for our participants to follow. In 2010, we established the Garden Farm and have been growing vegetables and herbs for our kitchen ever since.

About The Farm

Hunger and food insecurity have always been on the agenda at One World Center. We know how small actions can make a positive change in people’s lives through agricultural efforts, such as establishing a school garden farm together with students and teachers in Malawi and Mozambique or supporting people in Brazil to come together to establish a community garden. Nutrition is key to living a full and healthy life no matter where in the world you live.

In the pursuit of addressing food insecurity and hunger in our own backyard here in Michigan, One World Center has expanded our activities in various ways. One key expansion is in our Garden Farm. We are working hard so that we can grow a wider variety of food, prolong our growing season and create different models of growing food in an effort to support our Sustainable Food Initiative with our Garden Farm.

Sustainable Food Initiative

In an effort to help eradicate hunger, One World Center has started the Sustainable Food Initiative which begins with bringing people together to learn to grow their own food. This initiative begins with community food garden farms, school gardens, and family gardens with the hope of seeing hunger in Michigan eventually eradicated.

Our vision is for people to take a spade in their hands in order to: (1) gain empowerment and self-sufficiency by growing their own organic food; and (2) build a sense of community and togetherness. Poverty can be a very isolating situation and often something people try to hide. We hope to create opportunities and spaces, where people can come together and thus free themselves from the stigma of poverty, while building supportive networks.

The efforts to provide healthy food for those in need is not new. There have been people and organizations lending a helping hand to their communities for decades. Our Sustainable Food Initiative is not trying to “reinvent the wheel” nor do we wish to diminish the impact of those who are already making a difference. If we have learned anything in our 30+ years as an organization, it is that the impact of one group of people may just seem like a drop in a bucket that will never fill; but, if you get enough droplets, the bucket will overflow. It takes a joint and persistent effort of many people to create sustainable, positive change. Alleviating hunger is no small feat. It will require the combined efforts of those who are currently fighting for real food and a wave of new people who are mobilized to join.

The intention of One World Center and our programs is to bridge the gap between old and new. We wish to support established efforts and amplify the efforts mobilizing more people to take part. We have long been partnering with organizations serving communities in Detroit and Benton Harbor, Michigan such as: the Georgia Street Community Collective; Reverend Pinkney and the Black Autonomy Network Community Organization (BANCO) and for the last few years, The Avenue Family Network. As part of the Sustainable Food Initiative, we have added new partners who focus on providing food for their communities through community gardens.

We believe that when people come together around an important cause, it is possible to overcome obstacles and create the change we need, in this case producing abundant healthy food together with families and communities around our state.