At One World Center, the participants are developing new skills and learning about the world every day. As part of their program, they have to reflect and present their own understanding of their processes and the knowledge they have acquired. The following poem was presented by Eduany, a member of the November Team 2017, who is preparing herself to become a Development Instructor at a Humana People to People project in Mozambique.

The poem not only shows Eduany’s creativity but also how the program has moved her during the initial three months; where she had to face the challenges of living in a community with new people, sharing time, carrying collective goals and learning new perspectives about the world and what is happening today.

One day; waking up in another bed,
another place, where I can lay my head.
Where all the days feel the same,
and time waits for optional change.

One month has gone; in hard work.
Still not sure… Did I make the right choice?
Living in community is challenging every day,
serving or fighting, but understanding all the way.

A second month is gone; I´m not alone anymore.
This was not a mistake, I found a reason to stay.
Good stories; day or night.
Here or away, so much to tell.
Building my character, as well as my soul.
Strength and kindness are now how I roll.

The third month is gone; I speak a different tongue.
With new words like Comradeship, among.
Scared of what is waiting for me on a fundraising trip,
will I end up sleeping in the streets?

A few months have passed with some more still to go,
but for now, what I hold in my heart is Goodbye and Hello.