To try out our new 9-month #BikeForChange program, a pioneer team will start in March 2017. You could be one of them!

The Pioneer Team is 6 Months
The Pioneer Team will be 6 months long starting March 1st, 2017 until September 1st, 2017. During these 6 months, we will immerse ourselves into the three periods of the 9-month program, meet and invite many people to join the team, and be ready to pass on our experiences.

What Are We Learning?
In this program, we will study climate change and what actions we can take to mitigate and adapt to the changes. We will learn from ordinary people who are standing up to, for example, protect land and water, and spread information about their struggle and solutions. We will identify one or more partner groups in the US and become the agents that connect them with groups of people and organizations we meet during the travel. In the process of making these connections, develop new ways of spreading and sharing information.

Period 1: Preparation & Training
During this period, we will study about climate change and how this affects people, especially in the US and Central America. We will practice making investigations and connecting with people in the local area while choosing a partner group who wants to connect to people and organizations we meet during the travel, and to figure out how this connection can take place practically. We will study the role of media and big business, and develop our own media approach. We will get in touch with all kinds of communications technologies and methods to establish our connectivity channels and constitute ourselves as a reliable source. We will plan the travel route, practicalities for our travel, headlines of investigations, what to bring, how to stay safe, and more.
We will practice short distance bike rides to get in shape and we will learn basic bike mechanics. Finally, we will also do some fundraising.

Period 2: Travel to Learn, Learn to Travel
This period is about meeting and connecting with people, making investigations, recording, writing, making interviews, taking part in actions together with the people we meet, studying, and debating; all along the way to report back to our partner group. Pondering how to be the Voice of the People. Part of our task is to find out how a 4-month travel period could look like with all its elements.

Period 3: The Big Event and Conclusion
Back on campus, we prepare a Big Event. We gather material and information from our travel and present to our partner group and the public. We host groups at the school and travel to share our knowledge and stories to diverse audiences. We conclude on the pioneer program and prepare how to pass on our knowledge and experiences to the first team.

We would like to give you more information personally, please write us an email to or schedule an appointment with our enrollment adviser here.

Do not miss this one time opportunity!