Sustainability and Recycling

At One World Center we believe that to create a sustainable future we need to face the environmental challenges of today and create long term and sustainable solutions. We agree with how the United Nations have defined sustainability:

Meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Such an idea presents different challenges, as well as guidelines for us to act as individuals and as organization.

On top of the many daily activities we do on campus to preserve the environment and minimize our impact as much as possible, we run a Clothes and Shoes Collection Program in the state of New York. We have 700 donation bins placed around the state enabling communities and businesses to be part of the solution and donate their unwanted clothes and shoes to support a global cause and divert waste from the landfill.

On the course of a year we collect over 2.25 million pounds of clothes and shoes that otherwise would end in the landfill.