Who We Are

In a world filled with opportunities and wealth, poverty still exists. Nearly half of the world’s children live in poverty and 40% of the world’s population accounts for only 5% of the global income. Land is grabbed by rich countries and corporations, water is privatized, food prices are rising, and wars and strife continuously torment people and the Earth.

Inequality is growing. More and more people living in the richer parts of the world are sliding into poverty and are not able to feed themselves or afford housing. Poverty and inequality is a global phenomenon and is affecting people in most parts of the world. Power and wealth is being monopolized by a small minority, setting the agenda based on self-interest and profit which leads the general population is in a dire situation. However, those who suffer the most are those who are collectively known as, the Poor.

We are constantly bombarded with news about extreme natural disasters somewhere on Earth. We are finding these disasters more powerful than before and that they are occurring more frequently leaving massive devastation in their wake due to man-made global warning. The extraction and use of fossil fuels, deep water drilling, nuclear power plants, excessive industrial farming methods and little to no regulations on industrial pollution are all factors driving the Earths to its limits.

We have created One World Center as a place for people to come together and take action for a balanced future for all filled with prosperity; balanced in our human relations with each other and with nature.

We strive to address some of the big issues of our time for positive change and toward sustainable communities, together.

Our Mission

One World Center is a research non-profit organization with a mission to inspire and empower ordinary people to take action against worldwide poverty and climate change. We address the issues of our time with unique teaching and learning environments that cultivate social change and support our global vision: a sustainable future.

Our Values