Volunteering is a bonus

I was fortunate to be born in a family oriented to help others, and my life has been a process to become a volunteer. Initially, I decided to volunteer to try to eliminate the nagging feeling that everything I was doing during my free time, while working, and even my training, was geared exclusively for […]


“Treat the familiar as unfamiliar and produce new meanings. The new meanings are exposed – renewing our existence”. As we travel, whatever our path, the unfamiliar shines bright in our eyes. The opportunity to think of new meanings (within ourselves, in our usual surroundings) is almost inevitable. In new places we can feel the loss of harmony. […]

Lady in Red

I was 16 when I met her; my first love, my first kiss and my very first time having sex. I remember her walking in her red dress and I thinking how beautiful she was. Out of nothing I could have her as my girlfriend. My dream came true; she was the most desired women […]

Mi Porqué – One World Center

Mi nombre es Andrés Felipe Jaramillo Salazar, tengo 20 años, vengo de Medellín, Colombia y hasta ahora llevo un poco más de 3 meses en OWC Massachusetts. Después de terminar mis estudios secundarios no he parado de pensar y de preguntarme a mí mismo ¿qué es la vida?, ¿qué es importante y qué no lo […]

TCE Total Control of the Epidemic

Since my arrival in Chokwe, I have met the community in which TCE project works, it is remarkable the bad conditions that some people have, many of them have no access to services such as water, electricity and gas. In my first week I had the opportunity to go with a field officer to make […]