“El que no vive para servir no sirve para vivir “

Mi historia. “El que no vive para servir no sirve para vivir” (San Juan Bosco) En los últimos años, mi vida se ha guiado con esta frase; se ha convertido en mi fundamento y la razón por la cual estoy en One World Center. Trabajadora social de profesión y de corazón, mi vida se ha visto envuelta por millones […]

Who Inspires Me?

I was asked to write a short speech about a person that inspires me, and it was suggested that I write about someone famous enough to be known by a broad audience.  Unfortunately I cannot, and I will explain that in a moment, but first I would like to read the definition of inspiration and […]

From Dowagiac to Maputo

My name is Marcos and I’m from Brazil. I’m a participant in the 18 months program “Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder with the Poor”. I finished the first part of the program in Dowagiac, Michigan and now I’m living in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. Our trip began on Tuesday, July 29th, when we started the […]

Refugee Camp, Dzaleka, Malawi

During my service period in Malawi, I had the opportunity to travel to a refugee camp in Dzaleka to make an investigation and learn more about this kind of communities. Before I left to Africa another DI, who worked in that province, told me about the camp, so I was very encourage to visit and […]

All Americans need traveling shoes

All Americans need traveling shoes So we can step out into the world and see that life is greater than you and me Because we live in a nation filled with dreams and prosperity We often forget that people are suffering from poverty lack of food, fresh water and education with a little determination we […]

Te quieres convertir en instructor de desarrollo?

Mi experiencia en One World Center, Michigan. Hola a todos! Mi nombre es Ivania Zaffiri, tengo 25 años y soy Chilena. Hace más de un año, decidí ser parte de One World Center con el objetivo de ir a África y hacer trabajo voluntario. ¡Soy parte del equipo de Mayo 2013, y exactamente el 6 […]

This really will change everything, if we had the time

The lives of most men and women are blighted by problems they cannot solve. And people usually blame themselves, or they blame “fate” […]. However, when two cars collide at an intersection, should we, as students of society, concentrate our attention on the individual blame of the drivers, on “fate” or on the way transportation […]

Science and Adventure Conference

One World Center  (OWC) Massachusetts has conferences with OWC Michigan  and Richmond Vale Academy twice a year. We have just hosted the Science and Adventure Conference here in Massachusetts. We were nearly 60 participants and staff from our 3 schools, and we had two exciting days together. The conference focused on environmental issues and sustainability. […]

Nature and Love

Come to my home in which we share the shelter Come with slow steps carrying the seeds To plant love deep in my heart, Deep in the ocean, deep in the sky   Now come inside me, feel the beats of my soul Feel the air brushing against your skin Listen to the music, the […]

Llegué a One World Center

Recuerdo cuando Nathalie, la reclutadora de One World Center en Costa Rica, me llamó para invitarme a una reunión sobre un programa que capacita y envía voluntarios a África para trabajar en proyectos de desarrollo. Recuerdo el momento sobre todo porque ese día estaba por empezar un proyecto a largo plazo. El dilema al que […]